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Barrows: Window Shoppe
To see true color in the window treatments, Barrows’ patrons sometimes had to step outside. Since switching to our LED lights, the showroom is transformed—offering a pure, clean light that simulates daylight without fading the fabrics.
A fixture in Wellesley for the past 37 years, Cachet often looked closed even during the busy Christmas season. Lighting to blame? Perhaps. More than 60 halogens cast not only light on the merchandise they also created an incredible amount of heat.
EA Davis
A store that still maintains much of its décor from 100 years ago now has the latest in lighting technology. Wellesley’s oldest department store upgraded nearly 100 bulbs, replacing 120 watt and 75 watt halogens with 20 and 15 watt LEDs, saving nearly $200 per month.
Farm Grill Rotisserie
The Farm Rotisserie wasn’t looking to make a change to their lighting but the Mass Save® program was a deal they couldn’t turn down. The deal became secondary once they saw the way the light lit up the restaurant…and, of course, the food.
Kent Newton Salon
Being in the hair industry for over sixteen years Kent Newton knows how important it is to see colors accurately. This was one of the main reasons why he decided to upgrade his lighting to LEDs. Now not only will clients be able to truly see their style, the salon is saving a lot of money as well.
Page Waterman Gallery
The gallery was filled with harsh halogen lights, which distorted the art and in some cases began to cause UV damage. TW Lighting replaced the halogens with our ENERGY STAR™ LEDs, offering a softer light on paintings. Furthermore, the electric bill dropped nearly 35% with less than half the LEDs installed.
Treat Cupcake Bar
This wonderful cupcake boutique in Needham center is loaded with delicious sweets that deserve to be showcased as the works of art they are. This was easily accomplished by upgrading all of their fixtures with LEDs.
United Church of Walpole
Along with its beautiful sanctuary The United Church of Walpole has a wonderful function hall that serves as a keystone in the community. They chose to upgrade the lighting in all of the function rooms replacing high wattage halogens with LEDs.
Weston Kitchens
With the price of LEDs dropping across the board the folks at Weston Kitchens decided now is the time to make the switch. The savings generated by upgrading their lighting has been so great that the bulbs have literally paid for themselves, and then some.
Weston Optical
For over 35 years the family owned and operated Weston Optical has been helping their community see clearer. Weston Optical took advantage of the versatility of LED technology by installing them in their antique showcases creating a dazzling effect on the lenses.
Woodshed Gallery
Not only is the Woodshed Gallery the perfect place for all your framing needs it carries many lines of beautiful handcrafted jewelry. After upgrading their lighting one of the first things they noticed was how it makes the jewelry really pop and sparkle. All the savings are just the icing on the cake.
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